The Important Stuff

  • Developed for ensemble singers

    All the important skills new ensemble singers need. Lessons include alignment and breathing, resonance, onsets, tuning, legato singing and visual performance. Can be tailored for your group. Lessons delivered weekly to allow for skill development.

  • Experiential learning

    No powerpoints here! It's all explanations, demonstrations and experiences for the student plus quizzes and vocal exercises. Combine with in-person coaching and support at weekly choir rehearsals.

  • Develop YOUR best voice

    Low on technical jargon and high on freedom and embodied singing. Singers develop their own unique voice. As each singer resonates well with tension-free vocal production, your overall ensemble sound improves. These skills are applicable to any singer.

Course Modules

The course is delivered over four to six weeks. One module arrives every few days, which gives students time to absorb and practice the skills in each module. Each module includes a video lesson with demonstations, explanations and student experiences, a quiz and exercises. Some modules have a handout. Others are optional and others can be tailored for your group.

  • How to learn new music

  • Alignment and Breathing

  • Personal and Planned Breaths

  • Onsets / Scooping

  • Resonance

  • Tuning

  • Legato singing

  • Visual Performance

My Story

Why I built this course

In my 26 years as a Musical Director, I've trained countless new members into my own chorus.

My dilemma is wanting to train up new members to give them the best chance of passing their audition, and at the same time, not being ‘missing in action’ from my ensemble rehearsals.

So in 2022 I took my new members' training program, revamped it, and put the lessons online. I updated the content to provide specific, relevant vocal training for new members wanting to pass their audition to join my chorus.

Now new members learn skills via weekly online lessons in their own time, and get coaching at weekly rehearsals. This allows me to be present with my ensemble members at rehearsals.

A few of my musical director friends showed an interest in the course, so I duplicated it for others to use. I’m calling it the 'Choirs Vocal Program'. Some are using it for their existing members too, as a ‘refresher’ course.

The program provides the essential, relevant skills new ensemble singers need, in an informal, friendly step by step way over 4 to 6 weeks.

I've been lucky enough to have many fantastic voice coaches over the years. Here are some that have influenced my choices in this program: Dr Jim Henry, Rob Mance, Kim Vaughn, Dale Syverson, Peggy Gram, Charla Esser, Kathleen Hansen, Betty Clipman, James Platt, Janice Chapman, Nikki Blackmer.

This course, combined with personal and group coaching at your rehearsals, helps bring new members up to speed with their ensemble singing skills faster, and free up time for music leaders.

The course can be tailored (to a certain degree) for your own group. A huge thank you to those musical directors who tested the course and provided such valuable feedback. This was both affirming and very helpful!

Endeavour Harmony Chorus

Course Leader

Course Leader Lea Baker

Lea Baker (she / her) is a voice pedagogue, singing teacher and voice coach. In 2021 Lea graduated from the National Institute Of Dramatic Art (Sydney), with a Master of Fine Arts in Voice. She has been teaching voice for more than 20 years.

Lea is the founder and Music / Artistic Director of the Endeavour Harmony Chorus, a multi award winning a cappella ensemble. Having formed the group 25 years ago, through trial and error she has refined the training of her new chorus members to just the specific and relevant skills they need. New recruits develop their individual voice as a singer and, through doing that, enhance the overall chorus sound.

Lea’s teaching philosophy centers around tension-free, resonant, and embodied singing. With a firm grounding in the science and physiology of the voice, she helps students discover their natural, organic and instinctive voice use. Lea is an in-demand coach for vocal ensembles and quartets around Australia.

Lea is a proud member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS), Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing (ANATS), Australian Society of Music Educators (ASME) Sweet Adelines International (SAI) and the National Association for Music Educators (NAfME).


5 star rating

Easy and enjoyable to follow

Paula Banfield

Excellent narrative which made this step by step format easy and enjoyable to follow. Loved the smelling something beautiful segment and the use of the words...

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Excellent narrative which made this step by step format easy and enjoyable to follow. Loved the smelling something beautiful segment and the use of the words natural, instinctive and organic. A wonderful common sense approach with no overthinking or ambiguities. Thank you Lea.

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5 star rating

Exceptional explanations

Lynda Baxter

With the exceptional explanations, this cemented everything I have been told over the years but never quite understood the mechanics of.

With the exceptional explanations, this cemented everything I have been told over the years but never quite understood the mechanics of.

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5 star rating

Great visuals

Linda Wulff

Very informative great visuals very helpful

Very informative great visuals very helpful

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star rating


From students

Thorough & informative

Lynne Willis

What an awesome experience this has been. The online training was thorough, informative and very helpful. Having never had formal singing lessons before I found it really interesting and inspiring. Thank you Lea!

5 Stars!

Joyce Liang

It took me years of learning the right way to do this and you summed it up perfectly in under half an hour! Thank you! 5 stars!

Well paced

Louise Brannon

There was so much good information in this session. I love the way you present your lessons. You have a lovely speaking voice and it is well paced. It's really good that you have the exercises separate so members can go back afterwards and just do those exercises if they want to. And of course a little quiz is always great. Can't wait for the next session.

Very Easy To Follow

Julie Morris

The programme reinforced everything I have learned at rehearsals and in my two singing lessons with Lea. It has helped with my breathing in particular and the use of air without forcing the sound. There is so much to learn and I love that I can go back and do the exercises. It is very easy to follow. Thank you

The Penny Dropped!

Lynda Baxter

I have learned so much from this course. Lea, your explanation on various topics just made the penny drop as, I have not quite understood a lot of my teachings over the years. You have made things so much simpler for me to understand and I am now able to actually put those teachings into good quality practice. Thanks so much Lea